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2002 Jaguar XKR Convertible- 17,000 miles

1995 Jaguar Sovereign- 28,000 miles


UK Registered Vehicles

Jaguar XF Portfolio 2012 (62) Reserved
Independent press road tests hailed the 2.2 Litre turbo diesel engine mated to the eight speed automatic transmission as a package the XF should have had from the outset, and the smoothness, power delivery, and economy demonstrates the point. As a ‘Portfolio’ this is King of the range, and it carried a hefty price premium as a new car. Enticing  luxuries include, but are not limited to memory power mirrors, reversing camera, front and rear park aids, Bowers and Wilkins 1200W music system, heated/ cooled front seats, rain sensitive wipers, navigation and. Bluetooth connectivity.  Two years on, with just one owner, 19,000 miles covered and the benefit of a balance of warranty with free servicing next year, this is a tempting proposition and seriously attractive  against the greater number of more basic examples on the market. Finished in Lunar Grey with soft grain Ivory Hide piped in Oyster with suede cloth premium head lining , the car is presented to an immaculate standard and has just recently received the benefit of brand new tyres all round.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Rear Seats   Dash


Daimler Super Eight 2006 £ 22, 995
This rare, very top of the range model has a firmly established market with those choosing complete luxury alongside the ultimate in super charged performance. We find these Daimlers attract customers seeking  a vehicle which surpasses even the most richly appointed Jaguar, and also those wishing to drive a more compact and discreet alternative to a Bentley or Rolls Royce. With just a few hundred cars produced in total, there is the appeal of rarity especially for low mileage examples. With rear folding business tables, built in dvd players to the head rests the cars  provide a special experience for passenger as well as driver. This particular example has the rarer individual back seats with electrical adjustment for maximum comfort. Finished In Indigo Blue with ‘ruched’ Cream Hide piped in Sable, there is a full main dealer service record with this car and a total mileage of just 45,000 since. New. Appointed agents HA Fox have just carried out a ‘health check’ inspection so there is peace of mind with this purchase.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Rear Seats   Front Seats


Daimler Super Eight 2006 £ 16, 995
The brief re- introduction of Daimler from 2005 resulted in just a few hundred examples of this exclusive brand being produced, and these were the ultimate version of the X350 line. This is a two owner example which has been maintained only by main dealers since new. It was most recently health checked and serviced in February. All bill copies are included in the history file .The condition of this vehicle needs to be seen to be appreciated- it looks, feels and drives factory fresh- incredible considering it has covered 82,000 miles. Even the Ivory piped upholstery seems to have escaped the ravages of time and use, and the lustre with its Indigo Blue coachwork would shame most two year old cars. As a February registered car this escapes the higher road tax, which is a worthwhile advantage. A superb car in every way.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Rear Seats   Dash   Engine


Jaguar XJ8 Executive SE 2002 £ 7, 500 Reserved
Last of the XJ shape with traditionally curvaceous styling features which Jaguar are famous for- this must surely be a classic in the making. The final X308 run were ‘special  equipment’ (SE) with wood rim wheel, parking sensors, chrome window surrounds, cup holder, interior piping etc and these will be sought after for their plush finishes and extra luxurious touches. As a 2002, this has the steel liners and later timing chain tensioners. Today, the model represents startlingly good value, though few are available with a decent provenance, especially with this late superior specification. This car was traded in with Jaguar by the second owner and it has covered 58,000 supported by a service history including bill copies. A main dealer inspection has just been carried out with an extremely favourable report. Finished in Mistral Blue with Ivory Hide piped in Sable, this is an exceptionally clean and beautifully presented car.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Rear Seats   Dash


Jaguar XJRS 1993 £ 23, 750
1993 Jaguar XJRS  For just five of the twenty one year production run of the XJS, Jaguar modified cars in conjunction with TWR as ‘Jaguar Sport’ models by special order. Each were bespoke, but the format generally consisted of firmer handling packages, quad exhaust system, Zytec engine management systems for greater performance and styling differences such as colour coordinated bumpers, under valance, boot spoiler, black powder coated grille and light embellishers, skirts to the outer sills and speedline alloy wheels. The trim was usually more intricate with Autolux leather to seating and door panels with  contrast stitching. Inevitably, these cars were enjoyed by the enthusiastic owner/drivers who commissioned them, so to find an ultra- low mileage example such as this could seem an impossibility. Amazingly, it exists with this XJRS which was specified in British Racing Green with Cream Hide. The mileage, is just 20,000 from new which is backed by a very well stamped service book and a signed letter from the original lady owner verifying the same. We supplied the car to the second owner, a regular client who purchased it from our stand at Motor Expo four years ago.  A reputed 1,130 cars were adapted by Jaguar Sport from 1988 until the arrangement ceased in March 1993- the very late six litre cars with their tidier body styling clearly inspiring Jaguar’s own final ‘Celebration’ design are much rarer . Considering the build date of this car is quoted on its Jaguar supplied heritage certificate as  March 1993 and was not registered until May 1993, this is certainly one of the last, or could even be the penultimate XJRS to be commissioned- the final car was retained by Jaguar themselves very shortly afterwards.  The condition of this car is all that could be wished for with its provenance and this is a purchasing opportunity which cannot be repeated  £23,750

Front   Rear     Front Seats   Rear Seats   Dash   Engine


Jaguar XK8 Coupe 1997 Reserved
This incredible find has been in the hands of one private owner since new and it has covered just 12,000 miles. Maintained until now by the supplying dealer, we purchased the vehicle directly from the owner and drove it 440 miles home to blow away any cobwebs.  In  order to provide reassurance to the purchaser, we have taken the car to our local Jaguar main dealer HA Fox for it to be ‘health checked’ and  their favourable report is now included in the history file . The timing chains have also be upgraded to the later specification  at a cost of around £1,700 as recommended by Jaguar. The condition of this Jaguar is amazing- its panel work straight and original, and paintwork untouched. The 18’ wheels are showroom condition and have never been re- furbished. The extra cost ‘classic’ interior is almost like new. The original purchase order and invoice confirms this as an exceptionally well equipped XK8 with optional extras fitted such as cruise control, heated screen/ seats, cd player and comp active tech suspension. Finished in Aquamarine with Ivory Hide which is a stunning and unusual combination.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Dash   Front Seats


Jaguar XJ6 3.2 Sport 1997 £ 6, 995
The AJ16 engine has earned its favourable reputation for durability and ease of maintenance, though it was only fitted to the XJ saloon for three years in the X300. This ‘sport’ version with colour coded grille is a head turner in Antigua Blue with black window surrounds and ivory hand painted coach lines. The interior is immaculate with  Ivory Hide contrasting darkened veneers and black carpeting. This is a two owner example has been in the hands of the previous lady owner  since it was 18 months old. With just 35,000 miles covered since new, the condition of this car is truly amazing in all respects.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Front Seats   Rear Seats   Dash   Engine


Jaguar XJS V12 HE Cabriolet 1986 Reserved
A scarcity on the roads today, the ‘targa’ style version of the XJS was produced for just five years of the twenty one year production. This model provides open air motoring by easy removal of the roof panels, while the arrangement provides proper weather protection when re- fitted. It is possible for one or both sides to be removed and a small pram hood at the rear can also fold down for the true convertible experience. Roof panels stow away in the boot, with the remaining luggage space still generous for a luxury sports tourer. The history file for this car is second to none with fourteen main dealer service stamps from new until 2010 and then three further stamped services with ourselves. Additionally, the invoices have all been retained in a file so the diligently adhered to  schedule of maintenance is there in black and white. The mileage is warranted and absolutely supported at 46000 since new. The same level of care has been extended to the car’s cosmetic side and it presents beautifully with remarkably straight panel work. Rust proofing was renewed about ten years ago with a certificate to verify the condition underneath . Finished in Antelope with Barley Tan Hide, this is one of the best on the road, and a very enjoyable classic model.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Front Seats   Dash


Daimler Double Six 1983 Reserved
This is a bit of a rarity being one of the very last cars to be finished with Vanden- Plas trim which differs slightly to the standard Daimler. We know this three owner car extremely well having supplied  to both the second and third owners. Early and recent service history is excellent with the book now full of stamps and the overall condition of this car is stunning- the mileage is 66,000. Fourteen years ago, the first owner had the car repainted to an extremely high standard and the bill for £5,000 is in the file-  today, it is still gleaming. Finished in Claret with Magnolia Hide piped Claret, Kent alloy wheels and chrome side mouldings, this is a most attractive Daimler which is running and driving beautifully.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Rear Seats   Dash


Jaguar Sovereign 4.0 1989 £ 6, 995
With designs of the Eighties having passed through their unloved phase, the crisp, defined lines of this model look elegant and distinctive against modern chunky designs. In its time. the XJ40’s chrome embellishment looked sparse against the preceding Series Three, but it now stands out as generous against later Jaguar models. As one of the first revised XJ40s, this signifies nothing but improvement- aside from a larger and smoother 4.0 superseding the 3.6 litre engine and switchable gearbox with relaxed and sport mode choices, the dash board was substantially revised and went back to traditional dials. We first purchased this supreme example in 2003 from the original lady owner when it had covered a warranted 11,000 miles- the car had spent most of the time stored in an underground car park in Knightsbridge. We sold the car on to the second owner from our stand at NEC, and re- purchased again  in 2007 with a mileage of 15,000. The third owner has brought the mileage up to just 29,000 and we have recently acquired  the vehicle once more.  As a Sovereign, this is top of the range with air conditioning, electric front seats, full leather, cruise control and alloy wheels. Finished in Bordeaux Red with Cream hide, this stands as one of the finest surviving examples and it has a verifiable history to support the very low mileage.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Rear Seats   Dash   Engine


Daimler Double Six Vanden- Plas 1974 £ 24, 995
As one of the quietest, smoothest and most powerful power units of its day,  the V12 was underplaying its potential in  the standard saloon, but with added, luxurious touches to the body and trim, this supreme version was competing effectively at the higher end of the luxury car market. Renowned coachbuilder Vanden- Plas  equipped these exclusive models with  ‘Wilton’ style carpeting, lambs’ wool over carpets,  rear reading lights and firmer sculptured seating in a higher quality hide. The door panels were of a more intricate design with wood cappings and gold inlay. All Vanden Plas  Daimlers were fitted with air conditioning. Externally, the Vanden Plas was  distinguished by chromium side mouldings, a vinyl roof and a unique range of metallic finishes.  Of the 1,726 cars produced we are pleased to offer what can only be described as close to the ultimate example. For the first twenty years the car was mollycoddled in the hands of one owner in Jersey, and from 1993  it was stored by the second owner, a private collector in Northern Ireland who passed away in recent years. We purchased the vehicle directly from the family with just 15,000 miles covered since new and set about a re-commissi0ning process of mechanical and electrical items followed by 400 miles of road testing. The Morello coachwork and Chamois Leather upholstery presents as well as it did four decades ago, and both the bright work and trim is close to perfect.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Rear Seats   Dash   Engine


Jaguar XJ6 4.2 1971 £ 22, 500
Importantly, this is a factory original manual with overdrive which is much rarer than automatic, and such cars are sought after by collectors who enjoy their impressive cruising capabilities. This must be close to the ultimate example with a researched history to support the recorded mileage of just 23,000. Indeed the lovely condition of its interior is a step back in time with its famously comfortable Slumberland seating virtually pristine, perfect carpeting and unspoilt veneers. Paintwork and chrome work  is in excellent condition. Finished in Navy Blue with Blue Grey ‘perforated’ leather, this is an extremely handsome example of the original XJ6 ‘Series One’ design.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Rear Seats   Dash   Engine


Jaguar XJ6 4.2 1977 £13, 995 Reserved
A special factory order from new in Yellow Gold with Black hide, we have known this car for twenty plus years when we started servicing and maintaining it for the original owner. At that time it had covered just 15,000 miles. We eventually purchased the Jaguar and sold it on to the second  in 2003 and then again to the third owner in 2010. This striking an extremely unusual Jaguar  has been exhibited at NEC Classic Motor Show and featured in Jaguar Enthusiast magazine- it must surely be unique.. This car has never been subjected to heavy use, though it has been driven more regularly in recent year; yet still the present mileage is just 21,000 since new. Having been the sole dealer to handle the sale of this car after it was delivered new we are pleased to offer this exceptionally well cared for, very low mileage example once again.

Front   Rear   Rear2   Side   Dash   Engine


Rolls Royce Silver Cloud 2 1960 Reserved
This model combines the later V8 engine with the pure, original lines of the single head light arrangement.  Finished in Midnight Blue with Beige Leather, this has been in the hands of just two owners since new- the previous since 1996. We acquired the car directly from this gentleman who is a regular client.  There is a good history file with the vehicle containing interesting early paperwork such as the original order. There is evidence of thorough ongoing maintenance and last year the car was assessed by renowned specialist Frank Dale and around £7,000  was spent on recommended and preventative maintenance.  The mileage is 82,000 since new. The car presents extremely well - its interior is truly outstanding with superb woodwork matching the correct factory finish. The headlining and door panels are lovely/ original with the supple leather seats sympathetically refreshed with some re- colouring. New carpets have recently been tailored throughout and matched to the originals in both style and quality. Additionally, dark blue over rugs have been specially made for protect the carpets. The car benefitted from a full repaint whilst with the previous owner. A hugely impressive and exceptionally elegant classic Rolls Royce.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Rear Seats   Dash


Rover P5 (MK 3) 1966 £ 14, 995
Last and most powerful of the super smooth 3 litres, this model benefits from the superior panel fit and trim quality of the BMC era cars. A desirable combination with automatic transmissions, power steering and the single chrome flash which carried forward to the P5B . The survival of this P5 is owed to its hibernation during the low value years of the 70’s and 80’s when most other P5’s were ruined with poor maintenance and lack of appreciation . Following its re-emergence from storage in the  1990’s, the car was photographed for a Practical Classics article which now proves the outstanding original condition of this vehicle. About five years ago, we prepared the car to the next level with a bare metal repaint to a high quality, and sympathetically detailing the wonderfully original engine compartment. Bright work is excellent and the interior remains in supple and excellent original order. The car has been enjoyed for weekend motoring and attending enthusiast events in recent times with its genuine mileage now standing at 56,000 since new. Finished in Pine Green with Moss Green Leather and complete with original under- dash tools and a lovely folder of paperwork going back to when it was new. Compared to other luxury classics, this elegant P5 seems good value.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Front Seats   Dash   Engine


Ford Mondeo 2.0 Ghia 2006 £ 1, 995  
This is the most luxurious choice of the popular Mondeo in automatic with the 2 litre petrol engine and power steering. The plush Charcoal Grey velour interior is adorned with wood cappings and it feels a bit special. This example, finished in Silver has had just two owners from new- the last purchasing from a Ford main dealer in 2007. The mileage is warranted at just 60,000 and this is an exceptionally clean and genuine car which is virtually spotless outside, and immaculate inside. We received the car in part exchange directly from the owner.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Front Seats   Dash