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1966 Daimler 2.5V8  One family from new, 36,000 miles


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Jaguar XJ Executive 4.0 2000 £ 11, 995
For those loyal to the more traditional XJ line which started in 1968, there is growing interest for top drawer examples of models which pre- date the very different post 2009 cars. As time passes, there is a dwindling supply and the best are irreplaceable. The credentials with this car are ideal as it has been owned and driven by just one owner who only disposed of it to a dealer upon his retirement from driving, and we purchased directly from the dealer. Being the former owner’s last car, it has covered just 23,000 miles and has only ever been maintained by the Jaguar dealership who supplied it brand new. Despite such little use, the service record has been stamped on 12 occasions and the history file comes with the original invoices so the entire mechanical history can be verified. Finished in Pacific Blue with Oatmeal Hide, the coachwork is beautifully presented and  the interior is a time capsule. The Penta five spoke alloy wheels have been refurbished (including the inner rims) so they too are immaculate. There are chrome window surrounds and front air intake blade. This car was specified with hand painted coach lines and the small tools are complete, unused and in original wrapping. As a 4 Litre, this is desirable and relatively rare against a 3.2 so it performs without effort. Equipment includes switchable gearbox settings and cruise control.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Front Seats   Rear Seats   Engine


Jaguar X Type 2.5 SE 2007 £ 7. 995
Searching out a low mileage estate car with a sought after specification is a real challenge. Of all the cars on offer, this appears to be one of the lowest mileage automatic SE versions which has all the boxes ticked for desired options- full leather and the rarer AWD. As a 2.5, it is a refined and smooth engine option. These models are usually driven hard by demanding owners who favour their loading capacity, while this particular example was sourced by main Jaguar dealer Harwwods for the last owner in 2011 who is a long term Jaguar fan, and he has cherished it. The mileage has clocked up just 46,000 since new with a full Jaguar main dealer service history and inspection records. This car is in immaculate showroom condition and it is attractively finished in Zircon Blue with Cashmere Hide.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Rear Seats   Dash   Engine


Daimler Double Six HE 1991 £ 16, 500
The factory’s flagship model, ‘Series Three’ was produced in its final and most exclusive form as a V12 beside the six cylinder XJ40. With their premium price tag, few were ordered and production was divided between Jaguar and Daimler, the latter being the absolute best. Many, if not most were for export, but the higher specification UK supplied examples, such as this are rare and much more sought after. This is one of the last run produced a few months before the model ceased so it has the latest equipment such as catalytic convertor, upgraded integrated sound system and ABS. We have known the history of this Daimler since new having purchased it eight years ago from the first owner. We have supplied and serviced it subsequently and can therefore verify the history with confidence. In 2013, our customer instructed Thomas Barclay to carry out an extensive replacement of bushes, hoses etc on a preventative basis at a cost of around £5,000. Finished in Westminster Blue with Magnolia Hide, the total mileage of this car is just 31,000 since new with a fully supporting service history. In all respects, this is a truly outstanding example- one of the best and one of the very last of its kind.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Front Seats   Rear Seats   Dash   Engine


Jaguar XJ 3.2 Sport 1998 Reserved
The XJ8 is today’s classic Jaguar bargain and they have much to offer with a high level of standard equipment making them quite suitable for everyday use. The rounded lines are stylish and they look distinctive on the roads against the later models which have a squarer look. As ever, there are plenty of poorly kept rogue examples around, but this example has a super provenance. It was registered briefly as a Jaguar demonstrator before being sold to the first and only private owner and we purchased the vehicle directly from this gentleman. It is clear this has been a truly cherished Jaguar with almost immaculate coachwork- the panels are lovely and straight and even the original hand painted coach lines are still intact. The interior truly belies the car’s 97,000 miles travelled over the past 18 years; it is a credit to the former owner. Most reassuringly, there is a huge file of paperwork starting with the original purchase invoice from Jaguar and a file of bills and health check reports which chart the mechanical history of this car. They are all main dealer until four years ago, and since then the car has been cared for by a well-known and respected specialist dealer who is ex- main dealership. The ‘Sport’ has a younger look with dark veneers, black carpets and perforated sport seats inside. Externally, the ‘sport’ alloy wheels and colour coded radiator grille look very smart. The car is finished in Sapphire Blue with Nimbus Grey Hide.

Front   Front2   Front3   Rear   Side   Rear Seats   Front Seats


Jaguar XJS V12 HE Cabriolet 1986 Reserved
All XJS models are receiving recognition as relatively undervalued classics and a hardening of values is underway. However the cars still seem good value , even a super low mileage rarity such as this. Being the Cabriolet, it was the first to differ from the coupe model which had been running for almost a decade at the time of its launch. The advantages of the Cabriolet are clear because they offer a refined drive with fixed ‘targa’ style panels in place, and the joy of a convertible with them removed. With or without the roof, this XJS feels good and looks exotic . The experience could only be let down by buying a rogue example, and this is certainly not one of those. In fact the same gentleman has owned this car since brand new- initially his personal company car, it was then kept purely for pleasure from 1995 and he held on to his beloved Jaguar way longer than envisaged. Approaching thirty years in the same ownership, we purchased the car directly from the gentleman and it comes with a huge file of service history and original sales brochures going back to day one which confirms the mileage of 35,000 since new. This car has never been damaged or restored inside or out as verified by the owner in writing, so the provenance could hardly be more reassuring. Since purchase we have checked with Jaguar that the two important factory recalls from the 1980’s were indeed carried out. Rarest of the breed and with huge advantages, these Cabriolets appear inexpensive against an SL, for example- this has to be one of the best. Even the colour combination is lovely in Claret with Magnolia.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Seats   Dash   Engine


Jaguar Sovereign 4.2 1985 Reserved
Supplied new by Weybridge Automobiles and maintained exclusively by them for the first owners, this low mileage car was so ‘over- serviced’ that the book had been stamped right through (21 times) by 2005 when the car had covered just 25,000 miles. With bodywork, interior, engine compartment all pristine, the car was sold on from the dealer hall at the NEC Classic Motor Show. We first acquired the car in 2011 at 33,000 miles covered with the maintenance file brimming with yet further invoices. As if this was not sufficient reassurance of the car’s integrity the next owner paid for the car to be thoroughly surveyed by JEC Jaguar experts Ken and Peter Bell and needless to say their report was glowing. We purchased the car back two years later (then 37,000 miles) due to the owner’s unexpected relocation and sold it on to a Surrey businessman who had been searching for years to find such a properly maintained classic Jaguar to use as his every day car. Yet still this last owner has lavished a further £13,000 on the vehicle maintaining a standard worthy of concours and carrying out a programme of component replacements on a preventative basis while continuing to use it daily. The mileage now stands at 52,000 since new and we are delighted to offer the car for sale once again. Finished in Sage Green with Doeskin Hide, the Sovereign was the premium model of its day with air conditioning, electric seat adjust, on board computer, wood door cappings and pepperpot alloy wheels. The last owner also had a plug- in engine block heater discreetly installed.

Front   Front2   Front3   Rear   Rear Seats   Dash   Engine

Jaguar XJ6 3.4 1986 £12,750
The charm of a Series 3 is its shape which looked classic even when the cars were current because the basic design dated from the 1960’s. Most customers who bought these cars new favoured some modern touches such as pepperpot wheels, fuel injection and the digital computer, but the elderly first owner of this particular example seemed to desire his brand new Jaguar to look more traditional, and it would have seemed quite old fashioned even when it was new. The original order form and subsequent purchase invoice from Doves of Croydon confirm this to be a 3.4 litre- the longest serving XK engine from 1948, but a rare choice by 1986 and the only engine option available on an XJ6 with carburettors.  A  five speed manual gearbox was specified, a real scarcity at the time. With chrome pressed bolt on hub caps, and ordered in Windsor Blue, this was one of the few non- metallic colours. Inside, the Cheviot Tweed upholstery looks well in keeping and as one of the very last of line, Jaguar upgraded the veneers to Sovereign specification with veneered door cappings and gear selector panel. The speaker surrounds and tread plates are also chrome on these very late cars. We understand that the owner died in the late 1990’s and the car was inherited by relatives before being sold on to an enthusiast. During the past decade, the mileage has remained nominal and the car has currently covered just 34,000 miles from new. With the price gap widening in favour of early XJ’s for their older more characterful features, this should be a very tempting enthusiast’ purchase, particularly with its ultra- rare manual transmission, and being in show condition throughout.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Rear Seats   Dash   Engine  


Daimler V8250 1969 Reserved
The lighter, responsive V8  engine with its wonderful burble suits the Daimler ‘Mk 2’ bodied saloon well despite it being originally designed for a very different machine, the SP250 Dart.  This is one of the final run and it  benefits from the later Borg Warner automatic transmission and optional power steering. With a very low mileage of 35,000 since new, this is well supported with a stack of chronologically filed paperwork and the car has been known to us for many years and supplied previously. With a supple and beautifully kept original interior, this balances well with a high quality repaint carried out in the 1990’s which is excellent and has mellowed nicely. A former NEC and Essen display vehicle, the car has been used regularly in recent years and maintained correctly. On a precautionary basis, the engine was removed, rebuilt and detailed to a gleaming, concours standard by a known expert which should benefit the car for many years to come. Finished in Dark Navy Blue with Beige Leather, this colour combination looks as smart today as it did in the 1960’s

Front   Front2   Front3   Rear   Rear Seats   Dash   Engine


Jaguar S Type 3.8 1966 Reserved
This was the subject of a cost no object refurbishment around eight years ago, and the car must look little different from the day it received a high quality back to metal repaint, thorough preparation to the underside to show standard, re- chroming, a tasteful re- trim with a slight, but not over- done enhancement of the original finishes and a stunning concours style strip and preparation of the engine compartment with the cylinder head still bearing a mirror finish. The engine itself was rebuilt, and mated to a later five speed gearbox. This car also has modern power steering which is a popular upgrade and an alternator. Perishables were renewed as necessary and the list goes on. Sitting on chrome wire wheels, the car looks standard except for a ‘Coombs’ style louvered bonnet which is in period. From the time of the rebuild until 2014, the car was little used, but it has been driven 8,000 miles since then and maintained to the high standard necessary for it to be depended on as regular longer distance transport. Finished in Opalescent Light Blue with Blue Grey Hide, this stunning S Type would sit proudly in an collection or its track record of recent use makes it practical for regular driving.

Front  Front2  Front3    Side  Front Seats   Rear Seats   Dash  Engine


Daimler Sovereign (420) 1967 Reserved
This was the most refined and costly of Jaguar and Daimler’s family of medium sized luxury saloons, and the first model to bear the name Sovereign which was to become the manufacturer’s label for their exclusive model versions until 2009. This exceptionally rare manual with overdrive example is an old friend which we first purchased at a Jaguar event in Beaulieu 21 years back and sold on to a client in The Lake District who used it as his only transport until we re- acquired it from him 9 years ago. The car was then stripped to bare metal and repainted to a very high standard while the exceptional interior, engine bay and chrome work remained mainly original requiring just light rejuvenation to return it to show condition. The next and last owner was a retired Jaguar Browns Lane employee with a clear understanding of how the cars should be so he recognised the potential with this wonderfully straight and genuine car and so embarked on a thorough process of detailing to compete for concours. His efforts were richly rewarded with numerous awards and selection by JDC for the ultra-prestigious Champion of Champions where the car proudly shared stage at the NEC with some of the finest classic Jaguar and Daimler models in existence. Additionally this car has been featured in numerous publications including front cover of Jaguar Driver and Classic and Sportscar. Despite all this the car has not been a trailer dolly and has been driven 12,000 miles in the last nine years bringing the total to 69,000. The service history is huge with early and recent invoices from reputed garages proving consistently high levels of maintenance. Finished in one of the most favoured colour schemes of Opalescent Silver Grey with pale Blue- Grey Hide, this is a wonderful classic model with the finest provenance.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Rear Seats   Dash   Engine   Concours



Mercedes Benz SLK 200 Kompressor 2004 £ 6, 995
Open top Mercedes motoring could hardly be better value with the beautifully finished mini- SL now fitting in to an attractive price range. Previous maintenance is key to future enjoyment and this car benefits from main dealer stamped service history since new and a low 38,000 miles in total. All aspects of the cosmetic condition are superb and this Mercedes presents as a much younger example with caring ownership clearly evident. There is the advantage of both hard and soft top motoring with the electric metal roof folding away for the open air experience. Finished in metallic Silver with Black Hide and Aluminium effect Dash, it is the classic combination.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Seats   Dash


BMW 325i SE Convertible 2010 Reserved
The ‘3 Series’ may not be a unusual sight just yet, but finding an example with such a desired specification as this would present a challenge. As the convertible with electrically folding hard top, it is a joy to drive in any season and this rarer, plush SE model with full leather and automatic transmission makes this a most refined and luxurious combination. Additional equipment includes but is not limited to 17” light alloy V spoke wheels, electric folding mirrors, enhanced Bluetooth function, navigation system- professional, voice control, front seat heating, front and rear park assist. The car has had two owners from new and boasts a file of paperwork with the service record. The mileage is 49,000 since new. Attractively finished in Platinum Bronze with Cream Beige Nappa Hide, these models are great value for what they offer.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Rear Seats   Dash   Engine


Triumph Spitfire 4 1965 Reserved
This Mk 2 sits well in the classic open top market with solid 60’s quality and period detail which the later cars lacked- they look and feel like miniature versions of the exotic legendary sports cars of the era rather than merely budget convertibles.  From light clusters to switch gear and decals, they ooze nostalgia, and bomb along with an lovely exhaust note. This car has one registered lady owner in the V5C and 50,000 is the indicated mileage with paperwork going back 39 years. It is very sharp in all departments having a lovely feel of originality balanced with some detailing to areas such as the engine compartment which has been carried out to a commendable and sympathetic standard. Finished in Conifer Green with the classic White piped Black seating, this easily maintained convertible is great fun to experience and ready to be enjoyed. In addition to the smart folding hood, this has an excellent original tonneau cover plus an extra door light and some supplementary period gauges.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Dash   Engine


BMW 318i SE 1998 £ 6, 500
This must surely offer an unbeatable provenance having been with the same family from the start and it has covered only 11,000 miles. Used little but often on The Isle of Man since new, it has clearly benefitted from fastidious ownership and being driven on the unsalted and sparsely populated roads of the island. It is nice to see the original showroom sales brochure, order form, original purchase invoice and service bill copies along with the stamped service book and pristine handbook pack.  Driven directly to Surrey, we have checked and serviced this BMW, and it is sublime in all respects. The E36 was the third generation 3 Series and it earned the distinction of being judged one of the best 10 new cars by ‘Car and Driver’ every year it was in production. With newer models still suffering depreciation and earlier 3 Series appreciating, this car might offer its new owner excellent value prestige motoring while proving to be an asset. Finished in Titan Silver with complementing Grey upholstery, this automatic BMW with power assisted steering and the optional extra of air conditioning is a delight to drive.

Front   Front2   Rear   Side   Rear Seats   Dash   Engine